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LIVING My New Year’s Resolution + Beginner Film Acting Tips! (+Bonus)

As some of you know by now, the announcement I was alluding to in my last post was about me following my heart and getting back into…drum roll please… acting! I was finally brave enough to just put some of my scene work on Facebook and not worry about it being some big ordeal. It’s scary to put yourself out there in a completely … Read More LIVING My New Year’s Resolution + Beginner Film Acting Tips! (+Bonus)


5 Ways to Solve Content Creativity Frustration

This post was originally written for Decoded.com in August 2014, but was republished on my personal blog due to changes in the website’s structure.   It’s 10 a.m. You’re sitting at your desk, staring at your computer screen and wondering how fast the time will go by until lunch. You open your browser and switch over to your favorite blog or social site and … Read More 5 Ways to Solve Content Creativity Frustration

Graduation Day

It’s the day you’ve been looking forward to for four years– or in my case, six. Graduating high school felt like a checklist. Math, Science, Reading, History? Check. Accepted to college? Check. Graduation? Check. It was only the moment that I looked at my degree audit online that I realized I had done it. I graduated college. I have joined a league of people … Read More Graduation Day

I Believe in People

And Harvey Dent, of course. What do I mean when I say “I believe in people”? –Simply just that. We spend a lot of time classifying people by how they relate to us or how they live their lives. What I’m pointing out though, is that people, as a societal system, are magnificent. People as a whole are magnificent and we forget that at … Read More I Believe in People

How to Own a Group Interview

I decided to write this blog post (or essentially have friends and colleagues write their experiences for me) to learn about  something I have never done before: a group interview. With my current job hunt always on my mind, I thought I might need to prepare myself for unfamiliar situations. Luckily, I’ve prepared the responses I gathered in this blog post so we can … Read More How to Own a Group Interview