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5 Steps to A Better Work Environment

I’ve had the pleasure of working for a few companies before starting my own, and each one has taught me something valuable about business and how public relations work hand in hand. The best lesson I’ve learned to date is simply to be honest. Brutally honest. 

Getting Back to Basics: Why Brands are Getting it Wrong in Social Media

Social Media as a business function is fun, sure, but there’s much more to it. You have to show results and how it affects the bottom line–just like everyone else. Brian Solis originally shared this, so I’m reblogging:   Getting Back to Basics: Why Brands are Getting it Wrong in Social Media.

Graduation Day

It’s the day you’ve been looking forward to for four years– or in my case, six. Graduating high school felt like a checklist. Math, Science, Reading, History? Check. Accepted to college? Check. Graduation? Check. It was only the moment that I looked at my degree audit online that I realized I had done it. I graduated college. I have joined a league of people … Read More Graduation Day

Joint ‘Ad’venture: 7 Tips from an Agency

As students, our education serves many purposes- but let’s cut to the chase. We’re all looking for jobs, and an agency tour is one of the best (and probably my favorite) way to get insightful advice and find out what the real world does outside of our classroom settings. If you know me, then you know I’m a huge advocate for an organization that … Read More Joint ‘Ad’venture: 7 Tips from an Agency

Let’s Bring Back the Enthusiasm in Professional Networks

This is my last year as an undergraduate at the University of Houston, which means it’s also my last year in the Public Relations Student Society of America, Student Government Association and other student activities. I can’t wait to join the professional world. I’m excited to move up to the parent organizations and start my career. Not all students are like me. I know … Read More Let’s Bring Back the Enthusiasm in Professional Networks