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9 Steps to Writing a Creative Proposal

This post originally was written for Decoded.com in July of 2014, but has been republished on my blog as they’ve changed the website’s structue.   As a first time business owner, writing a proposal for acquiring clients was a brand new concept to me. In college, I was taught how to write a public relations campaign, but not a proposal. (A skill I never … Read More 9 Steps to Writing a Creative Proposal

Graduation Day

It’s the day you’ve been looking forward to for four years– or in my case, six. Graduating high school felt like a checklist. Math, Science, Reading, History? Check. Accepted to college? Check. Graduation? Check. It was only the moment that I looked at my degree audit online that I realized I had done it. I graduated college. I have joined a league of people … Read More Graduation Day