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5 Ways to Solve Content Creativity Frustration

This post was originally written for Decoded.com in August 2014, but was republished on my personal blog due to changes in the website’s structure.   It’s 10 a.m. You’re sitting at your desk, staring at your computer screen and wondering how fast the time will go by until lunch. You open your browser and switch over to your favorite blog or social site and … Read More 5 Ways to Solve Content Creativity Frustration


9 Steps to Writing a Creative Proposal

This post originally was written for Decoded.com in July of 2014, but has been republished on my blog as they’ve changed the website’s structue.   As a first time business owner, writing a proposal for acquiring clients was a brand new concept to me. In college, I was taught how to write a public relations campaign, but not a proposal. (A skill I never … Read More 9 Steps to Writing a Creative Proposal

Do You Read Past the Headlines Anymore?

Since the dawn of the Internet (long ago when Al Gore created it), the ability to get information quickly has mesmerized us. Even when we sat there waiting for AOL to just please get past step 4… because we knew it was the gateway to step 7, with the phone line screaming through the static… we couldn’t wait to hear, “You’ve Got Mail!” If … Read More Do You Read Past the Headlines Anymore?

Happy 2nd Birthday, Google+!

Today, Google+ is two years old! Or young, whatever. If you know me, I’m a HUGE Google fan and an even bigger Google+ fan. (You can add me here.) I wish more of my friends saw the value in it and it became even more popular because the visual design is just SO much better than most sites. (Although the cover photos are a little … Read More Happy 2nd Birthday, Google+!

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The Secret Behind Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

I try not to jump on political posts or tweet about every piece of legislation, but the ones that are important to me or I believe important to this nation, I will absolutely write about.