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I Believe in People

And Harvey Dent, of course. What do I mean when I say “I believe in people”? –Simply just that. We spend a lot of time classifying people by how they relate to us or how they live their lives. What I’m pointing out though, is that people, as a societal system, are magnificent. People as a whole are magnificent and we forget that at … Read More I Believe in People

Time for my UH Blog Confession

I confess. Yesterday, I committed a social media faux pas. I’m an avid believer that shorter is better, and a status that is the length of a full page should be written somewhere else. So why did I do it? 1. To present my full support for the upcoming University of Houston SGA elections 2. To present why  I believe so strongly in the chosen … Read More Time for my UH Blog Confession

Let’s Bring Back the Enthusiasm in Professional Networks

This is my last year as an undergraduate at the University of Houston, which means it’s also my last year in the Public Relations Student Society of America, Student Government Association and other student activities. I can’t wait to join the professional world. I’m excited to move up to the parent organizations and start my career. Not all students are like me. I know … Read More Let’s Bring Back the Enthusiasm in Professional Networks

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

A while back, in a PRSSA Twitter chat, I remember someone mentioning using a website for collecting donations that was free. Today I realized there is a little over two months until the PRSSA 2012 National Conference and although it is always one of the best experiences, it also an expensive one for a college student. So I want to encourage PRSSA Chapters to … Read More I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Show me, Don’t tell me!

We’ve all heard the cliche about actions speaking louder than words-and as the vice president of my PRSSA Chapter I’ve learned the real importance of that phrase. My Chapter is full of wonderful members with great ideas, but after some time I noticed a pattern developing. The ideas were coming in at full speed but their execution had a long turnaround. While I was … Read More Show me, Don’t tell me!