September 2020

A year passed between the concept and creation of my passion project, DAWN. My goal with this film is to inspire people to live in the moment and disrupt preconceived notions about how life is supposed to be, and make it what you want. NOW.

It was a lot of hard work to produce, direct and act in this one… but it was so worth it. My team was incredible and we are officially submitting it to festivals!

July 2020

Allergies, a high-concept narrative dealing with issues of racism in the near future, has been making its way through the festival circuit! I was honored beyond belief to take the lead role in this film.

June 2019

CLEANSE is complete, thanks to an amazing team of women! Off to film festivals!

January 2019

I’m embarking on a new film adventure of my own–gearing up for directing my second short film by the end of the year!

August 2018

On August 31 at 12:02 a.m., the best moment of my life happened. I became a mom.


And just two days before my due date, I filmed a commercial for Ascension Health System!

February 2018

I booked and shot a fun YMCA commercial in Dallas.

I played Amanda in the short film ‘Plan C’ down in Houston and (surprise!) my character and I are both pregnant!

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November 2017

I worked with an awesome team of women filmmakers on a short film entitled ‘Cleanse’ that deals with the concept of pranic healing, where I played the role of Jessica.

July 2017

After about a year of work, Brunch is a wrap!

May 2017

I was honored to film the music video for Stephanie Rice’s first single since appearing on The Voice Season 12, Let Me Go.

March 2017

I returned to Houston to film a mob-style short film entitled, ‘The Contract’, directed by Zach Salazar.

January 2017

 I played the nerdy antagonist, Melissa Jones, in the short comedy film ‘Shh!’

November 2016

Along with director Quinton Lowe, I filmed a short entitled, ‘Twelve’, where I played a young girl confused about her own depression.

September 2016

We began filming Tatted Souls in Dallas! The story centers around a college student, Sarah O’Neill, who learns how to accept herself in the face of adversity.

August 2016

I continued filming Brunch and the short film, DEREK.

July 2016

Along with the help of a talented cast and crew,  I wrote/directed and acted in Fate.

May-June 2016

I began training in martial arts and stunt work and started filming ‘Brunch’ — a short film directed by Stephen Bent.

April 2016

I’m now represented by Neal Hamil Agency!

January 2016

I booked a commercial for GSFS and filmed a supporting role in Baytown’s Finest (2016).

December – January 2016

Big news! I’m producing a new web series: Transference

October – November 2015

I booked the lead role in Soulless (2016) and also worked on various productions, including Queen of the South, Urban Cowboy and American Crime.

August 2015

I booked a role on a film that begins in October!

Jan – August 2015

I’m currently working on my first short film as well as continuing on-camera classes from OGAC.

April 2015

I booked an AT&T commercial. “Where will you be when the first female pitches in the majors?”

December 2014

I booked and shot a commercial with Sabbath Films!