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June 2019

CLEANSE is complete, thanks to an amazing team of women! Off to film festivals!

January 2019

I’m embarking on a new film adventure of my own–gearing up for directing my second short film by the end of the year!

August 2018

On August 31 at 12:02 a.m., the best moment of my life happened. I became a mom.


And just two days before my due date, I filmed a commercial for Ascension Health System!

February 2018

I booked and shot a fun YMCA commercial in Dallas.

I played Amanda in the short film ‘Plan C’ down in Houston and (surprise!) my character and I are both pregnant!

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November 2017

I worked with an awesome team of women filmmakers on a short film entitled ‘Cleanse’ that deals with the concept of pranic healing, where I played the role of Jessica.

July 2017

After about a year of work, Brunch is a wrap!

May 2017

I was honored to film the music video for Stephanie Rice’s first single since appearing on The Voice Season 12, Let Me Go.


March 2017

I returned to Houston to film a mob-style short film entitled, ‘The Contract’, directed by Zach Salazar.

January 2017

 I played the nerdy antagonist, Melissa Jones, in the short comedy film ‘Shh!’


November 2016

Along with director Quinton Lowe, I filmed a short entitled, ‘Twelve’, where I played a young girl confused about her own depression.

September 2016

We began filming Tatted Souls in Dallas! The story centers around a college student, Sarah O’Neill, who learns how to accept herself in the face of adversity.

August 2016

I continued filming Brunch and the short film, DEREK.

July 2016

Along with the help of a talented cast and crew,  I wrote/directed and acted in the Fate series, coming 2017. Check out the teaser trailer BELOW!

May-June 2016

I began training in martial arts and stunt work and started filming ‘Brunch’ — a short film directed by Stephen Bent.

April 2016

I’m now represented by Neal Hamil Agency!

January 2016

I booked a commercial for GSFS and filmed a supporting role in Baytown’s Finest (2016).

December – January 2016

Big news! I’m producing a new web series: Transference

October – November 2015

I booked the lead role in Soulless (2016) and also worked on various productions, including Queen of the South, Urban Cowboy and American Crime.

August 2015

I booked a role on a film that begins in October!

Jan – August 2015

I’m currently working on my first short film as well as continuing on-camera classes from OGAC.

April 2015

I booked an AT&T commercial. “Where will you be when the first female pitches in the majors?”

December 2014

I booked and shot a commercial with Sabbath Films!