Thought it might be useful to share tips about business card help since a few people have asked me. This is one of the best and simple posts about the subject, reblogged from Lauren Gray.
I would also like to reiterate under the “Don’ts” that a business card should be gifted at the end of a conversation, not expected at the beginning of one.
Also, try not to interrupt someone who is having a conversation with someone else.
Hope these tips help; they helped me!

Intentional Progressive: LKG

With National Assembly and Regional Conferences coming up, I presented to my Chapter a few tips on business cards and some business card etiquette reminders.  If you are in PRSSA or if you’ve been to any kind of conference, it really is kind of a “game” to see how many business cards to collect. Make yours memorable!


Business Card Tips [and examples] –

You should make your business card as professional, clean and simple as possible. This is not the time to have creative fonts and designs all over the place. Your business card should reflect your contact information and professionalism.

Stephen Brown, managing Director at Cohn & Wolfe, says: ” Claim your specialty, include business-related social media link, email and mobile number. The design should be clean with no frills. Do not have a picture of yourself.”

Mary Barber, a communication and PR professional, says: “The cleaner…

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