You’ve been there. A day begins promising but some unknown event occurs and puts you in crisis mode, or at least ruins your good mood.

If you’re like me, you try to power through it because, frankly, you don’t have time to fret over something that could make your day unsuccessful. Unfortunately you can’t avoid every frustrating situation, so how do you turn your day around?

Sometimes I have to remove my mind from the situation all together and clear my thoughts. One of my go-to alternatives is music. If I can find  or listen to a song that I can feel the dedication of the artist, then I find relief and get motivated for the rest of the day. I feed off other people’s passion. One mashup, which I posted on Facebook last week, has been a really good motivator lately:

Call Me Maybe/Payphone Mashup

It’s two really familiar songs but the voices are beautiful and the instruments were stripped down to give a really raw, pure effect.

I guess I find peace in art- another way I get rejuvenated is to look at gorgeous landscape photos of places far away and colorful creations on StumbleUpon. I really like sidewalk art and abstract art- especially the ones that make the colors stand out or blend shades and colors so well that they they’re practically unbelievable.

What do you do to turn your day around or find inspiration?

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