“The Secret teaches us that we create our lives, with every thought every minute of every day. ” — The Secret

the secret


I’ve heard of this book, The Secret, for years. I had gotten the gist of it from friends who read it and didn’t really see the need to go read it myself. As a new professional entering the field full-time, I’ve found myself reading more and more books so I can continue to grow and learn even though I’m no longer in school.

Last night, my fiancé and I were watching Netflix and I had seen the documentary of The Secret and thought it might be worth watching. He was skeptical, but we started it anyway. We both weren’t prepared for the massive volume of inspiration we were about to receive in the next hour– and we couldn’t stop watching it.

The amazing part of the whole experience was that this “secret” went right alongside other books that I have read recently, as if the planets aligned and sent me all of these resources to understand how to best use my abilities for success.  Believe it or not, my dad offered me $200 to read Ultimate Power, a book by Tony Robbins that has helped many people focus on how to be the best version of themselves. As you imagined, I immediately began to read it and collect my $$$. I see why he wanted me to read it, as I’ve watched him work hard over the years to build a good life for us. It’s amazing how many coincidences there are between both of these books- the power that brings you your version of success is in your mind.



That being said, here are the basic concepts of The Secret:

You can have the life you want, all you have to do is visualize it.
This sounds almost crazy, right? Just think it up, and you can have it? Well, yes it is crazy… but how badly do you want to change? The Secret claims that if you think about what you want, the universe will find a way to provide it to you. Whether it’s happiness, a good marriage, a new car, health, wealth, to be a successful business owner, to have a successful career– if you can envision it, you create a window for the opportunity. Maybe it will come to you by chance, maybe you’ll get a great idea that will spark future success or get you closer to your desires, but you’re opening your eyes to the possibilities you already have in front of you. Careful, though, this works adversely with negative thoughts! So if you keep focusing on how bad your job is or how terrible your relationship is, your job will stay bad and your relationship will stay terrible. You’re planting more, for lack of a better phrase, negative seeds in your life that won’t grow into anything positive.

Be grateful.
Sit down and think about what you’re grateful for– your family, your education, your partner, your job– whatever you have already achieved successfully. When you think about these things, you evoke a positive emotion. Feelings are the building blocks of your own “power”. The Secret mentions that thoughts can be measured and produced but what is really important is the underlying emotion associated with them. If you have a great relationship with your family that makes you happy, you will continue to have a great relationship because you exert positive energy into the relationship. Negative feelings do the same– if you think negatively about your family or someone or something, you will continue to have bad experiences because you are not opening yourself to the positive possibilities you may have.

Use the tools you have available to you– we are lucky that someone out there recognized the importance of visualization and created Pinterest. You now have a digital visualization board to pin all of your future goals and desires. Just last night, I created a secret board called “The Law of Attraction” so I could find pictures and visualize everything I want. Since last night, I already have 46 pins and exceeded the rate limit for pinning… twice. It’s exciting to think of your life in terms of what you could have in the future, instead of focusing on what’s wrong now. Live each day as a journey to the next. You may not get what you want immediately, but you have to keep churning toward your desire and you will get there.



I want to share one of my future goals with you and then I want you to just leave a comment of one desire you have. No matter how small, silly, big, crazy or impossible it seems, just list one desire (or more if you like) you have for the future.

One of my future goals is to become so successful in my industry, that I inspire others to work hard.

What’s your goal?

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