Lauren Lox Headshot 2.1

August 2016

Lauren is continuing to film Brunch and the short film, DEREK. She also booked the lead role in the feature film Tatted Souls.

July 2016

Along with Kristin Cochell,  Lauren produced/wrote/directed and acted in the Fate series, coming 2017.

May-June 2016

Lauren began training in martial arts and stunt work and began filming ‘Brunch’ — a short film directed by Stephen Bent.

April 2016

Lauren is now represented by Neal Hamil Agency.

January 2016

Lauren booked a commercial for GSFS and filmed a supporting role in Baytown’s Finest (2016).

December – January 2016

Along with Director Bradley James Bailey, Lauren is producing a new web series: Transference (2016)

October – November 2015

Lauren booked the lead role in Soulless (2016)
She also worked on various productions, including Queen of the South, Urban Cowboy and American Crime.

September 2015

Lauren released a mini web series on YouTube: “Hard Truths”

August 2015

Lauren booked a role on a film that begins in October.

Jan – August 2015

Lauren is currently working on her first short film as well as continuing on-camera classes from OGAC.

April 2015

Lauren booked an AT&T commercial. “Where will you be when the first female pitches in the majors?”

December 2014

Lauren booked and shot a commercial with Sabbath Films!