I try not to jump on political posts or tweet about every piece of legislation, but the ones that are important to me or I believe important to this nation, I will absolutely write about.

Photo courtesy of Russellmoore.com

Photo courtesy of Russellmoore.com

The truth is, many people have such varied backgrounds that bring them to their beliefs. What they do, what they say, is simply their belief. I see posts about how “the liberals are ruining this nation” and “the conservatives are haters” and I want to say that everyone would be much better off if they could consider the other side fairly… but that’s not true, is it?

Someone will have to stand strongly or they’ll be run over. We can want to have the closest thing to world peace… but there will always be some ‘enemy’, some ‘concept’ that is seen as a terrible force in the world.

There will always be a fight over love and hate. There will always be something to hate, and something to love more.  What’s admirable though, is that people in our nation will always want to fight for what they love. That’s our freedom and our right as Americans.

How I feel about today’s Supreme Court ruling can be summed up in my Facebook post. So far, I’ve had over 80 likes and a few shares in just one hour. I think this message of support for human beings is one we need to hear. If I’m not doing it, why should I stand in the way of others? We ALL will make many choices in our lives, some good and some bad. Do I hold all of my friends accountable for every decision they made in their past? Do I judge them because of it? Would I want them to judge me because of my past decisions?

Even if you don’t agree with how other people are living their lives, how is it affecting yours? If it’s religion, isn’t that a choice you make on your own? If it’s influence, don’t you want a mind of your own?

So what’s the secret? Your marriage is not affected by another couple’s marriage and that will not change.

Scotus Doma

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