Google+ google plus birthday

Today, Google+ is two years old! Or young, whatever.

If you know me, I’m a HUGE Google fan and an even bigger Google+ fan. (You can add me here.) I wish more of my friends saw the value in it and it became even more popular because the visual design is just SO much better than most sites. (Although the cover photos are a little big– but you can have a moving cover photo!)

Here’s what Google+ is already great about: technology. If you want the low-down on the next biggest gaming system or step in technological innovation, there’s two great places to go: TechCrunch and Google+.

Here’s something I want you to think about, though. How long did it take Facebook to get hashtags? I mean, really. We all knew it was coming but it took FOREVER to make the change… and then people gripe about it anyway. Google+ has had them for a long time (since October 2011).

Another thing to think about: video chatting through Facebook. This is made possible mainly through Skype and still not even THAT great. Google+ mastered that, too, and you can chat with 10 people at a time.

I didn’t start this post to rant about why Google+ is clearly more awesome than Facebook, but when people ask why I even use it… this is why.

Google+ is smarter and quicker. Yes, it’s a Google site and that’s probably why, but I know Zuckerberg has the cash flow to hire good UX designers and developers. Google+ has been around two years and integrated way more user features than Facebook did in the past (almost) 10 years. Yes, it’s also true that 2004 was a much simpler time as well, so you have to account for the long strides Facebook has made.

And you know, long live good competition. We’re all benefiting from it.

What are your thoughts on Google+? Facebook? Other social websites?

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