This post was originally written for in August 2014, but was republished on my personal blog due to changes in the website’s structure.


It’s 10 a.m. You’re sitting at your desk, staring at your computer screen and wondering how fast the time will go by until lunch. You open your browser and switch over to your favorite blog or social site and immediately feel a sense of relief when a witty picture or article crosses your screen. You wonder: How do they always have such great content?


You know the goal of the content you’re publishing. You know who is supposed to be reading it, but sometimes the content seems boring or too similar. You can only look at so many articles and case studies before you realize you just need to get the work done. What can you do to create momentum and enthusiasm around your content?


Get out of your comfort zone!

Figuratively and literally. Try writing or producing something you’re normally uncomfortable with and see how well you can master it. Try taking a walk. Get some fresh air in those lungs and take a moment to look around. Is the sky full of clouds? Do you see landscaping, buildings, construction or people living their daily routines? Inspiration can come from anywhere if you open your mind to it.


Look at some artwork.

Maybe you can’t draw anything but stick figures, but looking at someone else’s creation can ignite your thinking in the right direction. Browse artwork, photography, listen to music or whatever you find impressive. Color can wake up your inspiration.


Close your eyes and imagine…anything.

Sounds easy, right? Create a brand new world inside your head. A new environment, unknown creatures, new adaptations of human physiology or futuristic tendencies–anything you want to imagine. It may sound a little spacey, but your creativity will be flowing.



Not a joke! Planning can help your content stay fresh because you have a few ideas in the works instead of sitting on your computer wondering what to post today. Make sure you also have something to glance back at often that reminds you what the goal of your content should be. Then you can open up to all kinds of ideas contributing to your big, focused goal.


Ask a friend.

When I get stumped, sometimes I reach out to a friend or colleague and pose a question like, “If you were going to write about X, what would be some topics you would write about?” They may not be writing content for you, but they may open up your eyes to different viewpoints you hadn’t considered yet–or a fresh angle.


You don’t have to construct symphonies to be a creative genius. You can simply step back and find a different approach to your work.


What are some ways you keep your inspiration fresh?

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